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Landlord & Letting Agents Plumbing Services

Landlord & Letting Agents Plumbing St Albans

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates (CP12)

Landlords in the St. Albans area are required to offer a list of landlord and letting agents plumbing services before their property is fit enough to be let. Everything from the heating, water supplies, gas pipelines to fittings need to undergo regular safety checks to prevent hazardous situations and to ensure the safety of the tenants. Emergency Plumbers offer the complete package when it comes to landlord plumbing services in London and St. Albans.

Our experienced team of engineers are highly qualified and come with Gas Safe, CIPHE and Water Safe certifications. We offer thorough and timely inspections, giving you a clear picture of all the repairs and upgrades that are required to deem your property safe for living. Since failing to carry out regular gas inspections is illegal and punishable by law in St. Albans, we perform checks of your gas fixtures, pipelines and appliances so that you can get a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate (CP12).

Apart from regular gas safety, since 2015, the government announced that landlords are also required to install carbon monoxide alarms in buildings. Since we, at Emergency Plumbers, believe in keeping you up to date, we offer proper carbon monoxide alarm installations so that your building is ready to be let. If you have any questions about the different kinds of fixtures or why you need alarms for carbon monoxide, you can simply give us a call and we will be happy to help.

We understand that every building is different and might need a different set of repairs, depending on its construction, the kind of soil it sits on, the age of the building and several other factors. This is where our experience and expertise comes in. We can help you avoid the future hassle like damp, gas leaks, faulty pipes, etc. by fixing the faults and defects ahead of time before the problem escalates and becomes prominent. That is why a yearly inspection might actually save you money.

To learn more about your obligations as a landlord and the different services offered by Emergency Plumbing, do reach out to us here.

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