28 Apr. 21

Cutting Water Bills in COVID Times!

COVID has taken away financial security from a lot of people. We, being part of the St. Albans community would like to suggest a few ways of cutting down water costs so that you can take back control of your life, one bit at a time. Following is a compiled list of techniques that you can adopt, many of them won’t even require you to call up St. Albans plumbers, to bring down your water bills and redirect that expenditure towards other more critical needs!

1. Keep A Check on Your Bill!

Although the water in the UK has been privatised most of the times, your household can be dealing with a single water provider. Therefore, it is advisable to keep an eye on your bill and keep checking how much you are being charged for your property. Sometimes, by simply visiting their website, you can choose a more budget-friendly plan that would be sufficient for the number of people in your home. By regularly checking your bills or updates on these websites, you can also stay informed if there has been an increase in the cost of water.

2. Leaks Can Drain Your Money!


Money Down Drain

It is important to check and address any leaks that you might have in your home. Not only can they cause damage to the structure of your home, but they can also cost you money. You might have to pay a hefty sum for repairs to the damage caused by a leaky pipe in the wall. Even if it is a simple dripping or leaky faucet, it can cost you around 19 litres of water a day! That is why the best thing to do is to prioritise and address the leak by calling plumbers in St. Albans as soon as you detect it!

3. Make Technology Your Best Friend!

If you do it properly, your water consumption can be easily cut back without making a major difference in your everyday routine. You can use technology to decrease your overall spend on the water bill. One excellent way of doing the same is by calling local plumbers at St Albans to install a cistern dispenser. Studies have shown that flushing your toilets accounts for as much as over 30% of your household’s water consumption. When you install a cistern dispenser, you cut back on the water that goes into flushing, bringing down your water bills significantly. Another easy way to increase efficiency is by calling St Albans plumbers to install a shower with a better star rating which can cut down on the water flowing out by as much as half. If you are simply replacing the showerhead, you probably won’t even need a plumber!

This is something that you won’t be needing plumbers in St. Albans to do! You can simply follow the following steps and make a huge difference, not only to your bills but also to the environment. Did you know that one-time dishwasher use can take up to 49 litres of water. By simply limiting the use of a dishwasher, you can save enormous amounts of water at home. Also, you can easily use buckets of water when cleaning your cars or even taking bath, instead of water hoses and showers to considerably cut back on your water footprint.

To learn more about the latest techniques of saving water, you can reach out to your local plumbers in St Albans who can educate you on the latest developments that can help you save money. We, as a community of St. Albans plumbers, are always ready to help in any way that we can and make a more prosperous and sustainable society!